POY / DTY Drying Oven

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Unique design of Fully Automatic Drying Oven for POY / DTY paper tubes. Manufacturer has more than 30 years of experience in the field.

Main features are as follows

  • Tubes are dried vertically which avoids ovality and bending in the tubes.
  • Due to conveyorised drying, total batch of paper tube has consistent drying.
  • Have facility of Preconditioning - Drying - Post conditioning.
  • Special burner raises tempature very fast up to required level. Requires maximum 25-30 minutes to reach 85-90 degrees temperature.
  • No loss of hot air - special design of oven reduces hot air loss which reduces the power cost.
  • Available in both heating systems:- Electrical Heating, Gas - LPG/CNG Heating.