POY/ FDY Tube Manufacturing require lot of Skills as these products require very high accuracy. These tubes are used in Yarn manufacturing Industries like (Reliance, Bhilosa , Welknown, Filatex, etc) In recent times all these manufacturing companies are installing latest high speed yarn winders. To cope up with such high speed yarn winders, Paper Tubes require very high accuracy and products stability. Being a Paper Product it is a challenging job to make accurate paper tubes and maintain dimensional stability in different atmospheric conditions.

We at 'Paper Tube Machines Pvt Ltd' has a team of experienced Technicians. Also 'PTMPL' has latest setup of most modern smachines to manufacture high quality tools for the specific applications. A separate R & D Division is constantly working on the Development for improvement of End products.

We also have Authorized Agencies from Following Companies

Yuk Tse Enterprises Co ltd, TAIWAN

Chang heh Machinery Co ltd, TAIWAN

We provide support for:-

Selecting and Supplying proper machines

Selecting Raw Materials

Experienced Man power backup

Specialized toolings.


Adhesive for Paper Tube Industry

Paper Tube Machines is a group company of "Aditya Polymers" who is leader in India for making different types of Adhesive for paper tube industry. "Aditya Polymers" has wide range of adhesive to suit every application in tube making. For all such technical needs - www.adityapolymers.com